Couples Therapy


Making the decision to come to couples therapy can sometimes be the result of a long struggle where couples have tried many other ways to resolve difficulties and restore harmony in their relationship. The underlying reasons for the distress can be varied, ranging from minor to major differences and does not always mean a relationship is in deep trouble. Sometimes, couples attend to strengthen an already good relationship to make it the best it can be. Your courage in taking this important step therefore, whatever the reason or circumstance is to be commended.

The model I use in my work with couples is Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) a clear structured therapeutic approach based on the principles of secure connections and attachment found in relationships. The aim of EFT is to help couples to resolve underlying rifts, identify unhelpful patterns of behaviour and distress in their relationships. The ultimate outcome is to build resilience in the relationship and create a more secure, lasting and loving bond between the couple.

EFT for couples is the ground breaking and accredited work of Dr. Sue Johnson, which is supported by extensive empirical research and positive outcomes. The collaborative relationship between the therapist and the couple, together with clearly defined steps and stages this model uses, creates a safe space for personal discovery, growth and change. While the steps and concepts of this model are generic the uniqueness of the couples bond, experience and emotional needs remain the focus of the work.

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